Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AFOs are building confidence

Well, it seems the AFOs (ankle foot orthotics) are building Andy's confidence in standing and playing with toys. Andy is 23 months old, and still not standing independently or walking. I am finding it hard to find the hour a day to sit down and put the AFOs on. I thought that when I got them, I'd want to put them on all the time and be more motivated, but I'm not. However, I think in the few days he's been wearing them, he is becoming more tolerant of them.

We are currently patching Andy's right eye for two hours a day, so I can't help but feel badly when I have to put the AFOs on as well. I don't want to completely irritate him, and when he is sick or touchy it is hard to do either to him. So, I'll have to pray for extra motivation tonight.

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