Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Had to cancel therapy/Thank God for naps

I thought I was on top of everything this morning. I had taken my shower and dried my hair before Andy was awake. I even had my four year old Gabrielle's waffles almost ready for her when Andy woke up. I got his oatmeal ready, and he ate well, and so did Gabby. The screaming started when Andy saw the tooth brush coming at his mouth.

He screamed and screamed and was inconsolable. I put him down in his crib, so I could brush Gabby's hair, which she hates. Her hair is long and curly, and she always has a meltdown. So, of course, huge meltdown, while Andy is screaming. Then I am screaming at her, and I try to go and console Andy, and it can't be done. I put him on the floor with some toys, and think "should we still try to go to therapy today"? It is a 25 minute car ride, then he has 45 minutes of PT followed by 45 minutes of OT.

I look at the huge pile of dishes in the sink, and the big mess in the family room, and I am so stressed out. I try to proceed with getting them ready, but Gabby is screaming and crying in her room, and so is Andy. I decide it's best to cancel, and try to calm everyone down. I've tried to push through before, and I just end up regretting it when I get to the office.

I cancelled, then went in and talked with Gabby to get her to settle down and stop screaming.  Then Andy started calming down. He played quietly with toys, while I cleaned up all the dishes. I got them done, and got the family room cleaned up, which would be used in the afternoon when Andy's teacher comes to visit.

It was so nice to take the time and get the house cleaned up, instead of having to rush out the door for therapy appointments. Lately, the house has been let go, because of Andy needing constant attention, and his appointment schedule. We all ate lunch, and Andy easily went down for a nap. While he slept, I got both bathrooms cleaned. Thank God for nap time!!! I'd never make it, if it weren't for Andy's nap time.

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