Therapy time

Kid Walk Gait Trainer
Tumble form Tristander

Home:  Andy has a gait trainer at home. We also recently purchased a tristander off of Craigslist. Andy can only tolerate being in the stander for about 30 minutes a day right now. He also wears ankle foot orthotics (AFOs) that I put on him with Converse High tops. I used to use just any shoe, but he can easily wiggle his foot out of the AFOs. So, using the Converse high top helps to keep his foot in the AFO.

Ipad: Andy enjoys using the iPad, but tends to drool on it a lot. I have to be right with him keeping it dry when he's using it. He can also close out the apps and doesn't know how to open them back up, so that can make him mad.

Rehabilitation Center: I take Andy to a rehabilitation center for private physical therapy.

Kindergarten special needs room: Andy goes to school five days a week for three hours.