Saturday, October 31, 2015

Miraflex glasses

Andy is wearing his new glasses all the time now. His misshapen eyes (astigmatism) are causing him to see things as being stretched out. The doctor says the glasses will help him to see less blurry and not see images in a distorted way. We got glasses that will not break easily, because Andy likes to take glasses and bend them. Any object he can get his hands on, he tries to squeeze and twist it, not really meaning to break it. He probably doesn't understand what he is doing really.

These glasses are called Miraflex and  they are a flexible plastic type of material. He does not try to remove them. There is a strap that goes around the back of his head to keep them on. He seems to be able to put toys into containers better now, and is taking steps slightly better too.

They will also help him to see far away.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Frankenmuth was tough with a wheelchair

We went to Frankenmuth,MI on a Saturday, which was probably the busiest day of the week. The crowds were unbelievable. Frankenmuth is a little tourist town with an all year long Christmas store and little cheese shops, fudge shops, toy shops, and shops to find unique things. Many shops had only stairs to enter. I mostly went into the ones that were wheelchair accessible. The Kite Craft Frankenmuth Toy Company was very helpful to us. They held the door open as we came and went, and had many unique and appropriate toys for Andy. He loved these Sesame Street bean bag toys that I had never seen before. I kept picking them up and chewing on them, so I had to buy them. He enjoyed them so much. The tag says 2015 Sesame, so they must be a new item. I would like to get more.

I will be returning for some more Christmas shopping, but next time it will be during the week when it is less busy. I'd also like to go back with just my daughter to see the lights at night. I loved the fresh fudge and toffee it was such a nice treat. Andy was also excited to watch the people walking by.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Trying to enjoy warm days before winter weather

Anytime it is warm we jump on the chance to do something outside. Andy loves riding in the Barbie Jeep with his sister. He also likes the bin full of corn at the apple orchard/cider mill. 

Some days the weather can be at 70 degrees F, and the next day can be a chilly 39 degrees F. Now that it is mid-October it will soon remain cold. Yesterday, we had big snowflakes coming down for ten minutes on October 17. 

We also got to Cedar Point Amusement park in Ohio too. Andy loves it there. I bring his noise canceling headphones for when we are near the loud roller coasters. He loves the camp snoopy area  for the peanuts 500 cars. The lines were super short because the Ohio kids were back in school when we went. We got a passport hat would allow us to get scheduled times to come back to the rides, but we didn't have to use it. You can get it at guest relations. 

It's nice to see Andy having so much fun despite his disabilities.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

We've been working hard!

Andy is used to playing on the floor a lot, and having things brought to him. Lately, I am trying to have Andy stand more during play time. Either I will 
hold him in a standing position or he will stand in stander and play.

When we use the stander with a seat in it, he eventually sits down after about five minutes. So I have to keep pulling him back up to standing. After about 30 minutes I take him out of this. 

I used to brush his teeth in his bed, then bring him his cup of water for a drink. Now I have Andy step to the bathroom while I'm holding him, and he stands at the sink. He is motivated to do this because he loves getting his hands wet. While he is putting his hands in the running water, I am brushing his teeth, and he's standing with me behind him. I have to do this in case he falls or his legs buckle unexpectedly. 

I am slowly making standing a bigger part of his day, and his school is too. Now that I am in the habit of brushing Andy's teeth while he's standing at the sink, it is a normal thing that we do. I feel he is benefiting every day by standing more often than he ever has before.

I'm noticing more babbling and also more drooling and chewing on toys and bibs. I've ordered some chewy sew-on corners for his current terry cloth pullover bibs. I am told that the chewing on objects is totally developmentally appropriate for the infancy stage that he is in, and it could last a long time. The psychologist told me to give into it and let him chew all that he needs to. It's giving him oral sensory input, and it makes him happy.