Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sample letter for a one-on-one assistant for special needs class

I recently wrote a letter to the special needs director at my son's school. He is in a special needs preschool class. I wouldn't consider it an SXI (severely multiply impaired) room, because all of the children in the classroom are able to walk. Some of the kids can talk. Some of the kids can let you know what they want through gesturing. This center does not have a lot of the equipment my son needs, but I feel they are doing well with my son Andy so far.

The letter I wrote was to request that a one-on-one assistant be hired just for my son during his class time. Feel free to copy this letter and use it for your own child. The special needs director says that she will consider my request, and would like to meet with me this week.

Sample letter to petition your school for a one-on-one assistant for your child:

October 8, 2012

From sender of letter
Mother of Andrew
City, state, zip

Ms. Special needs director
Director of Special Education
City, state, zip

Dear Ms. special needs director,

After observing and actively participating with my son Andrew's classroom/XXX teacher's class for six weeks at the XXX School, I feel he needs a one-on-one assistant to help him while at school. The assistant would remain with Andy and aid in his personal safety around the other children, and help him to stand while engaged in activities. Andrew is quite unable to do a whole lot for himself, and lacks protective skills.

Andrew requires assistance getting in and out of his wheelchair, getting in and out of seating for activities, and needs to be fed at snack time. Andrew also needs to be given the opportunity to stand in the classroom for short periods of time. These activities would include standing at activity tables where children explore and scoop through things like rice or corn. Andrew can stand with the assistance of an aid, and needs to be watched so that he doesn’t fall over. Having Andrew stand for small periods of time helps improve his brain functioning and promotes bone density and bone growth.

Furthermore, he needs to be actively watched while playing with other children on the floor to keep the children from stepping on his hands, legs, or climbing on him. He also needs to be monitored, so that he won’t bang his head on the floor, due to falling from seating, or falling backwards from a seated position on the floor, as he lacks protective measures for falling. One of Andrew’s doctors, XXXXX,D.O., suggested my pursuit of a full-time assistant for him at school.

I would like to further add that Andrew’s teacher, XXXXX, and the assistants in the classroom are doing a wonderful job. I do not feel that Andrew would be neglected, but I do feel he needs a lot more assistance than the other children in the classroom do. I am most worried of him being harmed, if a staff member can’t get to him fast enough, when another child may be hurting him accidentally. I have been unable to leave him at school alone, for fear that he will get hurt. I also stay at the school with him, because I would like him to have opportunities to be in standing positions, which would require someone at his full attention that could not assist with other children.

Please consider hiring an assistant to work with Andrew one-on-one while he attends school. Please also let me know if you can think of another solution to this issue. Feel free to contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX, or by email at XXXXXXX.

Thanks for your consideration,

Amy H


  1. that's a great letter. how did your school system respond?

    1. The director wanted to meet with me in person as well, just for about ten minutes. She then told me she'd be hiring someone right away. They did too, and now I feel so comfortable leaving him at school.