Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ABA therapy starting soon

Andy will be receiving ABA therapy soon, several days a week. He has been in for observation twice, and he did not do well. He cried a lot, and had fits. I was so frustrated. I could hear him screeching behind the walls as I was sitting in the waiting room. I think it is because he doesn't know the center yet, or the people. He just knows that I am handing him off to these strangers, and is taken back into a room filled with loud kids, and he gets frustrated.

I've been feeling so sick about it lately. He usually enjoys therapy and school. But he isn't giving this new center a chance. He cries as if they are cutting off his leg. I can see through the window that they are just trying to play with him, and speaking nicely to him as well.

I was looking forward to him getting to spend some time at this new center, as a fill in for school. He doesn't understand why he doesn't have school right now, and he isn't getting to ride the bus. My fuse is so short lately. He is so whiney and cries a lot. I can't always get him to stop. Sometimes, he just needs to be alone. This too shall pass- is all I've got.