Monday, May 16, 2011

Motivation down again

It has been a hard week with Andy having a cold since Mother's day. I went a few days without eye patching or putting on his AFOs (ankle foot orthotics), because he was so miserable. Now getting back to it is hard, especially when I know he is so far from walking. My guess is that he won't be walking for another year, or year and a half. He will be two in a couple of days. It is really hard, knowing that he is two, and still non-mobile and non-verbal. I'm just very sad about it, but I know it will pass soon after his birthday. I hope I won't be too emotional in front of everyone.

It also sucks seeing all these newer babies at the swimming pool, and at his school that can already do so much more than him. At 6 months old and 9 months old, doing all the right things, it makes me so sad. It's really painful. It's hard to go through the motions, but I push myself to do it for him. Because we believe in him, and we would do anything for him.

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