Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Keeping Andy entertained

Andy's been bored with summer vacation days when we are just sitting around at home. When we go to the campground this usually helps, but he had had meltdowns on the beach too. If he's had enough swimming or kids around him are yelling and squealing too much, he will break down. Today, everyone was worn out. He doesn't have structured activities going on and starts crying hysterically. I took him for a ride in the car in the evening, which he enjoyed, but I can only drive around for so long. He will love to be in school again. 

We will probably go on a couple more long weekends which should switch up his boredom for a bit. It's just hard because we run out of things to do with him,  and then everyone suffers the consequences.

His hair is the color of the sand! Here's some of his fun moments at the lake.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Andy enjoys half days at school through July

Andy is enjoying being able to go to school and see his friends through the next week. He loves the routine. After it's over, we will have to visit the beach more often and go out of town more to keep him busy. When he gets bored in the summer the crankiness gets bad. We've been going to the lake on the weekends, which he loves.