Sunday, February 21, 2016

Not sure what to do with Andy's education

Andy is still like an infant and is almost seven years old. In our opinion, he really hasn't made much progress cognitively, since he was born. He seems to slowly be gaining instinctive skills, such as walking and grabbing objects, as his brain allows him to do these things. It is not due to anyone teaching him. I can hold him up and he will take steps around the house, but he cannot stand on his own. He still cannot get out of a side-lying position into a sitting position on his own. He still cannot talk. He does not communicate with us in any non-verbal way. I don't know if another school would be better for him, or if he just won't learn no matter where he is, because his brain isn't ready to be taught.

We get sad about Andy still, but not as often. We've learned to step around the sadness and find ways to distract ourselves from it. It's all we can do. Being sad doesn't change anything, and neither does crying about it, or being angry about it. We've accepted it and we are trying to move past it. 

Our family dynamic is tough, but I know all family life is difficult no matter what. Life is just difficult in general for everyone.  I know that Andy enjoys swimming and  music, so we try to give him those things to make him happy. I also have to have a life outside of my kids or I can't be happy. So, I've really shifted my focus to try to keep everyone in a happier space.