Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thinking of quitting speech therapy for my 2 1/2 year old

Andy has had to miss the last few speech therapy appointments due to being sick, or having terrible temper tantrums, to where I don't see the point in driving him 30 minutes to speech therapy. He's been in speech therapy for 3 or 4 months now, and is really going NOWHERE. Sadly. I was so excited that it would help him, and it just isn't. He will say "mmm" to the therapist to continue play, and that is IT. It's just so maddening, I don't even want to do it anymore. I just want to take a break from it, and maybe return in the summer. It feels like such a waste of our time. A 20 year experienced speech therapist once told me that she wouldn't even bother doing any speech therapy until Andy was three, and his language base was bigger.

He currently says, mama, dada, and up. He will use the sign "eat" and claps for more. He will also say "mmm", if you ask him to say that to get more food, or a toy. That's about it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just feeling upset today

Just feeling upset today about Andy not having all the opportunities that other children get to have at this age of almost three. He can roll around, but cannot get into a sitting or crawling position on his own. It makes me so angry sometimes, I just have to let it go, so that I don't go crazy. It's also very hard to be around people, especially family members with normal kids, when all they want to do is complain about their kids.

I don't know what the future holds for Andy, so I can't get too upset for what I don't know of yet. I just try to have joy with the things he loves right now.

Like listening to music.

And going to school.

This is just such a difficult path, I feel that I have to think differently than other parents, in order to keep my sanity. And just have faith that everything will be okay.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I saw a psychic for my child with special needs

The psychic seemed to wow another mommy friend of mine, she said she was spot on with descriptions of all her children, so I wanted to see her about Andy. I've been wanting to see a psychic for a while for reassurance about Andy's future, and I could see her in person or over the phone, we're in Michigan. I booked the appointment online and she only had my first name. I went to her home, because I thought it would be better in person, but she says either way she can get a good vibe. She told me I had two kids, and asked if he was the younger one. I said "yes". She said, "can I ask you a few questions about him? Did he have trouble walking? Like really slow to walk, or it was really hard for him to learn to walk?" I said, "he doesn't walk yet". She said "he feels like an infant, is he still a little guy"? I said, "no he's older" she asked, "is he three", I replied "yes".  She went on to say that he's really bright, and understands more than he lets on. She reassured me that he is going to be fine, that she can see him holding a job, even possibly getting married and that he'll be fine. She said "he is going to be slow to get there, but he WILL get there and he will be a normal individual."She also told me to "stop beating myself up over this, that it's not my fault. He chose you as his parent and chose to come in this way, he chose his path before he came here". I left feeling no more guilt,  and that my son would someday be fine. She told me my path would be difficult, and that I've been dealt a stressful hand, and that he is making a better person out of me.

Hope this helps someone. You can visit her site at wovenwoman.com