Saturday, April 14, 2012

Increasing Andy's DHA with Omega3 oils

I took a brief break from giving Andy fish oils for a while, because I was really down and out about Andy plateauing with therapy for a while. Recently, I decided to start with the oils again, and I have to say he seems to be having a light bulb turning on. I'm seeing minor changes, but at least I'm seeing some movement forward. I wanted to start them up again, because DHA and supplements in general came up in a recent support group of mine.

Andy has been demonstrating pivoting on the floor for toys, and small amounts of army scooting for toys. I've also been reading "The late talker", where the author believes the fish oils to be helping her sons speech.  I thought it would be a perfect time to start up the omega-3 oils again.

During this week of daily fish oils containing 230 mg of DHA and 300mg of EPA, he is babbling new sounds I've never heard before. "Yeah-yeah" brand new, and "da-da" has returned after months of being absent, head shaking for "no", saying "poo-poo" has returned after months of being absent, vocal play and imitation of sounds is emerging.

We are sticking with the orange flavored coromega oil packets. I mix a packet with 2 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream, and he loves it. I am trying a new oil right now by Dr. Sears, but I'm having a hard time finding something to mix it with so it won't taste bad. It has a strawberry and lemon flavor and it isn't good by itself.

I have found so many different suggestions for the amount Andy should be getting every day. Some websites recommend 100mg a day, some say 200mg, others say 500mg, and another said 700mg of DHA a day. Some authors suggest a combined DHA and EPA amount of 500mg, which is about what our current fish oil gives. This Harvard university website suggests 500mg of DHA a day Harvard Omega-3 oils recommendations.

The current oil we are using right now has a combined DHA and EPA of over 500mg. I gave Andy a double packet today, to see how he'd do. I am watching to make sure he doesn't get an upset stomach from a higher dose. So far, so good, but I will only do this a few times a week. I seem to be finding that 1000mg might be okay for him, but since I'm not totally sure yet, I will stick with the 200-500mg.

When I asked my sons neurologist about omega 3s he said don't bother! But we're on our third neurologist now, because they don't seem to know anything about Andy and why he's like this.

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