Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picked up AFOs

We brought home Andy's AFOs, and they look great on him. I was surprised at how hidden they are, you really can't see them at all when they have pants on. We will break them in at first, having him wear them just one hour a day at first. Next week, we may move up to two hours a day. He doesn't mind me putting them on him, so I'm happy about that. He was actually laughing yesterday when I sat him on my lap to put them on.

We worked on sit to stand, and stand to sit, while he had them on, and he played by the couch. He has yet to stand on his own. We are awaiting approval from the insurance company for the gait trainer. When we get it, he will wear them while in the gait trainer. Hopefully, we will have it in time for summer.

I am looking forward to seeing him stand on his own, and feel like the AFOs will soon make it possible for him. The orthotist felt he will be grown out of them in six months, so we'll see if that's the case.

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