Friday, December 21, 2012

Dr points out constipation

Andy was pretty irritable when I picked him up from school yesterday. He cried all the way home, and wouldn't eat lunch or dinner. I thought his ear infection was back. I took him to the doctor the next day, and she said his ears looked great. Then she felt his belly, and found he was badly constipated. She could feel a large hard stool in his belly. She showed me how to feel for it too, it was like a big rock in his stomach. He had been having small poops, but I didn't think anything of it, because he had a small appetite while he was sick.

We headed up to the drugstore for a pediatric glycerin suppository as advised by the doctor. You don't need a prescription for this. The doctor told me that if only small stools continued to come out, we would have to resort to a stool softener. One small stool when he woke from his nap, plenty of water, and he ate dinner. Then in the morning no stool, and more irritability. I read on line to try a teaspoon of corn syrup, and olive oil on veggies, which I cooked in the toaster oven. Then he ate lunch. I gave him another pediatric suppository, as it had been 24 hours since the last one. They can only have one a day. It took about ten minutes, he relaxed in his bed, then had a large stool. Finally! Poor thing has been miserable, and couldn't tell us why.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pesky Ear Infections

Andy and I have been sick since Thanksgiving. Germs keep coming and going. Andy spent all night Saturday and Sunday crying and uncomfortable, so we went into the doctor Monday morning.  Poor Andy had an ear infection and an eye infection that was being treated by antibiotics. He stayed home from school for a whole week.

We actually had a lot of quality time together. He just wanted to snuggle and cuddle with me, and kept looking right into my eyes and smiling. He was so comforted by me, it was really nice. I felt like he was saying "thank you, I love you" with his eyes. He seemed to be getting better. Then on Sunday night, he woke up screaming and was out of control with crying for over an hour. I headed up to urgent care with him.

His ear infection was coming back and was now in both ears. They felt his current antibiotic wasn't working, so I went back to his general doctor first thing in the morning to follow up. Andy received the first of a three day series of antibiotic shots.

We felt so bad that Andy couldn't communicate to us what was wrong, when he was in so much pain. I'm glad I decided to just take him into the doctor once I realized I couldn't console him, and it was unlike other times in the past.

Now that Andy had a shot of antibiotic, he is feeling so much better. He had such a great day at school. I think he is relieved to be back at school, and that he is finally out of pain.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Andy's school update and family update

Andy's current state has been pretty good. He loves going to school. He shows affection towards his classmates, teacher and all school staff. He seems to enjoy being there. He is happy there. I spent the first several weeks with him, and then slowly stepped away.

I feel Andy's quality of life is better with school in it. There is only so much I can do to keep him happy and occupied. Meeting new people and having new experiences has been good for Andy.

Andy continues to take Risperdal, and needs it daily. He is a mess without it. It helps him to be cheerful, and not irritable all the time.

We are a family with a special needs child, and this is not easy. I still have very negative patches, but I keep trying to find ways to go on with my life. My daughter needs me too. She often falls by the wayside, when I get swept up with all of Andy's needs.

Having Andy and discovering all his limitations swallowed me whole. I can still become engulfed in it, but I have to still be a functioning wife and mother to my 5 year old daughter. I still have to try to enjoy my own life, and it's tough. I feel guilty when I focus on myself or my daughter. I'm trying to find a balance, so I won't be miserable. I am what holds this family together, and I have to be positive, upbeat and refreshed.

Andy is happy, and I should be happy for him. He does not know of his limitations or things he is missing out on. My goal now is to just try to make sure that my whole family's quality of life is good. I am ready to do what I need to in order to make sure my family has what they need.

We can still have great quality experiences, even if it is a challenge to do so.

Take care,


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Waving Hi?

Andy is three and a half now. I've seen skills emerge and backslide too many times. Words come out of his mouth a couple of times, then I never hear them again. Or the army crawl emerges, then goes away for a long time. Right now, it seems he is trying to wave "hi". I really am not getting too excited about it, because I feel it will just go away in a few days, like all his other skills do.

I am hearing him say random words, then never again do I hear the word. I feel so upset, because it seems like his words are in there, we just can't get them to come out. We've both been really sick, which has allowed a lot of bonding time for us. He's been really cuddly with me, and giving me a lot of eye contact and smiles.

I am getting a lot of therapeutic toys for Andy for Christmas. I'm hoping that just pushing along, and not looking back will get us somewhere.