Sunday, May 29, 2011

How old is he?

This question stinks, as all strangers like to ask it. Now that he is two, the looks are getting even stranger. Or their mouth hangs open, or they just say "uhh ok" and turn and walk away. It's just something people like to ask, and it sucks. Yes, he's two. A non-walking, not yet talking two. Sigh

Although, I am very excited that Andy is using the word "up" pretty regularly now. When this word first surfaced a few months ago, it only hung around for about two weeks, then vanished. Now that it is back, I'm hoping it is here to stay. I love how he can verbally communicate SOMETHING to me finally! He looks at me, then says "up", and I pick him up and praise him for telling me "up". I tell him, "you told mama up, so I will pick you up". But while at the store today, when he was in the basket, I said "oh, you want to get up, but mama will pick you up when we are all done at the store".

So thank God for giving us something we so desperately needed to see. It confuses me though, because the gross motor is still so bad, but speech is emerging. I know there are a lot of mobile, but non-verbal kids out there, I guess I just thought he would become mobile first. It makes me scared that he will not be walking for a long time. I have already accepted this, and expect to be ordering a wheelchair for him for preschool. It's hard to be optimistic anymore, I feel like I'm just kidding myself.

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