Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Andy can push up on his hands at 28 and a half months

Today at Andy's school, he was laying on an incline on a giant wedge, and pushed up on his hands. It was wonderful to see. He had some beads in front of him on the wedge, enticing him. There was also another baby on a wedge in front of him, and the baby was inclined towards Andy. It was as though they were both trying to get to the top of the mountain. The other baby was able to army crawl, and Andy seemed to be interested in him. He kept pushing up on his hands and holding it for a minute or so. It was very exciting to see, after nothing for SO long now.

I then propped his butt up, and got him on his knees and held his hips. He then started to rock, which was also surprising and exciting. So awesome to see this, and he was having a lot of fun at school as well.

I am really hoping he won't lose this skill, as many of his new abilities seem to go away for months after I first see them. I can't wait to see him get his butt up in the air on his own as well.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

We went to Disney World

Andy with his (kid sized) headphones from Best Buy

Andy is 28 months old and still non-mobile, and pretty much non-verbal.  However, we bit the bullet and scheduled a flight to Orlando, Florida in mid-September to visit Disneyworld. It is supposed to be the least busy time of year. Initially, we wanted to wait until Andy could walk, but we really don't know when that will be. My 4 year old daughter Gabby is very into princesses right now, and if we wait too long, she may be out of the princess phase by then. So, we scheduled at 4 day, 5 night, Sunday through Thursday trip.

Andy was a dream on the flight there. He didn't make a peep. We kept him entertained with a headphone set and our iphones. He watched Blues Clues and listened to the Black-Eyed Peas. He just got over an ear infection, so we were hoping his ears wouldn't bother him, and I don't think they did. The bus ride there was also great, he was very good.

The weather was supposed to be in the 80s, but every day was sunny and 92 degrees, so this really irritated the hubby and Andy. The heat caused a lot of irritation, and by the third day, Andy was blowing his top. On the plane ride home, he was completely inconsolable, and cried the whole 2 and a half hour flight. I felt bad for taking him, but he did enjoy about 70% of it, I'd say.