Videos of Andy

Andy Eating from a Fork- Before Regressing to not using a fork

Andy Army Crawling after age 3 - off and on

Andy Babbling- currently very rare to hear


  1. Unfortunately, Andy no longer will put a fork in his mouth. It is possibly a regression of a skill. I'm not sure.

  2. You have a beautiful son! Keep up the good work mama-- The fork is a tough one- my son is still working on that one also

  3. Hi Amy you have such a beautiful son:) My son also has Autism with global delays. Keep trying with the fork it might not be tomorrow or even next year but he will get it back. My son went from being fed with a spoon to refusing to take anything other then his sippy cup which meant we had to start giving him pedisure. A year and half later hes beginning to slowly take a spoon again. Keep your head up things do get better :)


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