Friday, August 30, 2013

Trying a lactose free diet for irritability

I took Andy to see a Gastro-Intestinal doctor for the first time a couple weeks ago. Both he and Andy's PMnR doc suggested that we try to make Andy's diet lactose-free for a while. I was told that for some kids, even a small amount of lactose, can make them highly irritable.

Andy doesn't experience diarrhea from lactose, but he may be experiencing bloating and gas from it. He has been on lactose-free milk, sometimes Almond milk, lactose-free cheese slices, and Breyers vanilla lactose-free ice cream. All found at Krogers. Sam's club also sells the silk almond milk. I could not find the lactose-free butter or cheese for the longest time! I brought it up to my mom, and she said you have to look in the organic foods section of your store, it is not with the regular dairy items. At Kroger, it is towards the front of the store.

Andy's irritability seems a bit better, but it is hard to tell why. He has also started a new anti-seizure medication, but not for seizures, he doesn't have them. The medication has a side effect of helping irritability, so he is taking it on top of his 5cc of Abilify each day.

Andy's irritability and inconsolable crying didn't become a major problem until after two years old. Between two and a half and three years old was a tipping point into the ugly. Major crying spells with no end, drove me to the doctor begging for some kind of medication for him.

The medications aren't always enough. He still has major temper tantrums, I think due to his age. If he is bored and not getting attention, he gets pissed. When I can't stand the crying any more, I have to say "That's it, let's go for a car ride".  Anywhere. Who cares. Just drive this kid around, he loves it. For a short while, anyways.

That's why he loves school. There is so much stimulation there, and so much going on. He is constantly entertained. He loves seeing other kids playing and having fun too. It makes him happy. Just like I try to keep him happy and not crying all summer long. Thank God for school, I just can't wait.  And also for now he will remain lactose free, because I need all the help I can get.

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