Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Medical Team for Andy

I am in search of a whole new medical team for Andy. I am looking for new therapists, and new doctors. I feel we have exhausted the services of everyone we have seen so far. They have nothing more to offer us, or we would have gotten it already. I don't want to feel failed by his doctors and therapists. I want to feel that they are truly helping us.

I was told of a child with cerebral palsy who is doing wonderfully after a few weeks of therapy which involves a lot of swinging at the physical therapy office. The parent is starting to notice things coming together for her child, and has reason to believe the only thing that has changed has been all the swinging motion this child has been experiencing. So of course, I am trying to fit in at least ten minutes of swinging into Andy's day, and I am also getting Andy an appointment with this office!

I need new therapists with new ideas. I'm tired of therapists who are stuck in a rut with what they show parents. If the things you show me aren't working, we need to find new things. I've you've got nothing else for me, then I'll find someone who does. I need someone that can help show me how to get more brain connections going through physical actions. I think the therapist that is swinging the child around is onto something. She is giving him the motion his body needs to start making connections.

I've seen the research on childrens' cognition that aren't moving around by age two, and it frightens me. Movement helps cognition greatly, and if Andy can't move around I've got to move him/swing him around so he gets this. Even if only a little, every bit has to help.

We have a scooter from Andy's school right now that I am moving him around on his tummy daily. He will also pivot around on the scooter board to reach for toys. Andy's current school therapists are good, but he will be aging out of the program soon. Hopefully, we will love the therapists at his undetermined future preschool also.

He will be seeing a new neurologist this month, possibly a new physical therapist and a new physiatrist in June. I am also checking out a second possible preschool for my son for this fall, since I didn't care for the first place I saw.

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