Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More sounds

I can't believe it, but Andy has been making a few more sounds over the last two days. Hearing him speak is still rare, but just hearing new sounds is exciting. Yesterday, he said "Ay", after hearing "the letter A" on a DVD. Today, "up" returned after he heard a toy saying "up and down", he tried to say "story"after hearing the word, "break" after hearing me and his sister say it, and "way" after hearing me recite a rhyme.  I'll take imitation of sounds any day.

I am still giving him the Omega-3 oils with 230mg DHA in them daily, mixed with yogurt or ice cream. He is pivoting more and more each day. Hopefully, the combination of DHA and him moving around more are stimulating his brain! I find myself excited to wake up and get him going to see what he will be doing today! I also have a whole lot of positive thinking going on, and I am trying not to think negative thoughts at all. I am trying to just believe in him, and feel in my heart that he is going to show me great things every day.

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