Monday, April 9, 2012

I checked out a second preschool

I was very unsure of enrolling my son into preschool. He is still as a 6 month old, so it was hard for me to understand why he should be going to preschool. However, when I visited the second preschool that was suggested for my son, I loved it. I felt that the staff was very capable of taking care of my son. They walked through what his day would be like, and how they would sit him, and what circle time would be like. The therapists would come in and work with him one-on-one, and he would also have tummy time with the other kids. I left there feeling like this was going to be a good decision for my son. I am glad that I decided to look at this particular preschool even though most thought it might not be right for him. The staff seemed to feel as well that Andy would fit in great there. It is a less restrictive program than the first school I looked at, therefore I think it will allow Andy to explore more. I don't want him to feel like he can't move around when he wants to. I think it will allow him to interact more with the other kids, and he will be happier there. 

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