Friday, April 20, 2012

Andy's scooting around!

Andy demonstrated a few belly scoots pulling with his arms a couple months ago, but then we didn't see them again for a while. Any time I'd interfere, and try to push his feet along, it seemed to ruin his scooting. So, I thought I'd leave him alone, and place toys out of his reach, then I'd leave the room and he'd move for them. He then scooted around really well at my MIL house on St. Patty's day, but then he wouldn't do it again for a whole month! I was so bummed, I thought for sure he'd start taking off.

Now he seems to be okay with scooting in front of me with some coaxing, maybe because he knows I'm not going to help him. Maybe he also understands now my verbal cues for trying to get him to move towards me, "come on Andy, come get the toy". I really don't think he understood what I wanted him to do before. Mostly, Andy rolls as much as he can, before he has to scoot to the toy. It's obviously much easier for him to mostly roll, then finish up with the belly scooting. So, I really really hope we will start seeing his scooting around more consistently now.

Before bed I was letting Andy explore his room. He was really into it. He was moving all around, little by little, and getting into whatever he could. It was so awesome to watch him explore whatever he wanted to. He wasn't happy to be told it was time for bed, I think he wanted to keep looking around. I told him "you can crawl around your room tomorrow okay", but he still cried in protest as I laid him in his crib.

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