Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012 Chrysler Town and Country

We got a mini-van! A 2012 Chrysler Town and Country, and we love it. I was resisting getting a mini-van for the longest time. I really liked my sedan, and lucky for me we are going to keep it around for my husband to use. Or for those seldom times I am alone, running out for a pedicure... Back to the van. It's so great. I love walking up to it with the doors open already, and Andy on my hip, ready to load him in with plenty of room in the garage. No more maneuvering around a door. Also, with the keys in my pocket or purse, I can just tap the handle to unlock the van, and get the sliding door open. I don't have to have the keys out, they just have to be in the vicinity of the van. Don't even need a key to start it, the key fab just has to be in my pocket, or in my purse on the floor of the van.

The DVD players are great. Gabby wants to watch something different from Andy, so now they can both be happy. Andy is going through a huge frustration and crying phase right now, so I am looking for any way to keep him happy during our drives. Things have been going well so far. The convenience of this van is really taking a lot of stress out of getting out and about. Andy is really happy watching a video in this picture. His sister can watch her own video with wireless headphones on. Andy will wear the headphones too, but will knock them off his head after a while. If both kids wear the headphones for their movies, then I can just listen to music.

We have so much more room, I was trying to make my sedan work, but we were starting to feel quite cramped with all our things. I started to wonder if having more space would help cut down on Andy's crying so much while commuting. So far, I've noticed far less crying.

I would definitely recommend this vehicle to other moms who are contemplating it. We love it, with no regrets.

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