Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Andy is pivoting for toys

Andy has been pivoting for toys today. I'm happy about it, but I can't help but remember how his PT a year and a half ago was trying to get him to do this. It just seemed lost on him back when he was 17 months old. Back at that time, he didn't seem to be interested in anything that was over a foot away. Things had to be right in front of him to catch his interest. Today it clicked for him, and he was going through the motions pretty well. He pivoted both on and off the scooter board in the picture. He really enjoyed being on the scooter board and was pivoting all around the room. This is probably the fifth time he's been on it. He stayed on it for over 30 minutes without trying to roll off. Probably because he was interested in moving around on it this time, and had a better handle on navigating around the room. I also think his vision is much better now, than one year ago, he is starting to want to explore more than what is directly in front of him.

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