Monday, March 14, 2011

Went to Lekotek today to borrow toys

Lekotek is an organization that provides resources for kids with special needs. We found out about them through our son's early intervention program/special school. We were told to go there to look at the toys and therapy equipment they have to loan to families. I made an appointment, and we went into a playroom to see what Andy might like to play with. Andy wasn't too thrilled with the first few rounds of toys brought into the room. Things were too loud, or just weren't his thing, so I asked the woman helping us "can I come check out the toy room with you"? It seemed to be the best thing.

My daughter Gabby looked around as well, because the leader told me the siblings get to borrow a toy as well, so they don't feel left out. Good thing, she would have been upset for sure. I found a different kind of toy table that Andy might like, and a keyboard that Andy could use sitting on a chair, or standing up. Some of the things in the room I was thinking of buying in the future, so I thought it would be nice to try them out first.

I didn't find too much at first glance, so she let me look at more toys and therapy wedges in the basement. I picked out a climbing wedge, a cube chair, a shape sorter, and saw several large items that I would like to borrow for the summer. Such as the cozy coupe, or large outdoor toys which would require my husband to bring a truck up there. I've seen the cozy coupes at garage sales, but haven't bought one yet, because I don't know how Andy would do with it. So, we will have to borrow it when the weather gets warmer, as a try it before we buy it.

It appears that there are Lekotek organizations nationally, their website is There is also a nice link on this website for the "Toys R Us toy guide for differently-abled kids". I really like this guide as it explains toys that are good for fine motor, gross motor, thinking, language, etc.

We will be going back in once a month to borrow six items for the month. I was also told if we aren't ready to bring something back, we can hang onto it for longer, and just borrow less next time.

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