Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hypothyroid issues???

A few times Andy has had borderline hypothyroid readings when his bloodwork is done. T3 and T4 are always within the normal range. However, we have found the TSH levels to be slightly high, by two or three points. The top of the normal range TSH may be 6 and he shows an 8, the highest was a 10, so we aren't talking about anything in the 30s or 40s here. Just kind of "borderline" hypothyroidism maybe. I have an appointment to see our second endocrinologist for the first time next Friday. She is at a freestanding practice, not in a hospital. The local children's hospital cannot see him until June, (it is March 2), and this doctor has a spot next Friday, so we'll take it!  A pediatrician that came to talk to me during Andy's EEG suggested that we may want to give some thyroid medication a try for a while. If it is too much for him, and makes him hyperthyroid, then we would wean him off of it. It is something I will bring up with the new endocrinologist. Of course, it would be great to find something that might help his development along, but I don't want to set my hopes on anything.

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