Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fitted for AFOs today

We went to the therapy facility today, and the orthotist met us there at our usual standing appointment time. Andy was a little scared of the orthotist at first, probably because he was wearing scrubs and rubber gloves. I think he thought he was going to get his blood drawn. He sat well for the first cast of his foot and up to the calf, but then started to get restless. We were able to calm him with toys and by singing songs. He sat on the therapists lap, so he could see me, and so I could try to distract him with toys. I picked a cool design for his AFOs, the plastic parts will be blue with fire trucks and helicopters, and they will have yellow foam inside with dark blue velcro straps. Summer is on the way, so he can show them off. They will look very cool.

I am so glad we are finally getting moving on these. He is 22 months old. When I first asked his pediatrician if he would ever have a need for braces, she told me "no, those are for kids with cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophies". I also asked the first therapist about them, and she said we wouldn't even think about them until he is pulling to stand. However, I pushed the issue with his new therapist, and she said absolutely, right away. Andy does a lot of toe clawing with both feet, where he folds his toes all the way under his feet when standing. Plus, he over pronates (rolls his feet inward) big time. He just stands on the inside of his feet, most of the time.

We have also made an appointment to see a developmental pediatrician for the first time. because I feel she will be way more experienced with special needs children. Our physiatrist is great too, because all she sees all day are kids with special needs. I feel like we finally have a great team pulled together for Andy.

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