Sunday, March 27, 2011

Andy is putting toys in !!!

Andy is 22 months, and not crawling or walking. Fine motor has been progressing a little, so I have been pushing it a bit more. I have been trying to get Andy to put toys into containers. We've been going at this for months, and I leave it alone, and come back to it all the time. The OT suggested trying different containers, metal bowls, all different things to find what it might be that will finally motivate him. He has a pink piggy bank that he loves, that came with 10 different colorful coins. He likes to close the door on the side of it, where the coins come out. 

I thought why not tip it on its side and ask him to put the coins in (while I hold open the door), because he is preoccupied with closing the door. I asked him to put a coin in, and he did it. To make sure it wasn't a fluke, I asked again, and he did it again. Ten times with all ten coins. When the coins were all in, he picked up a shape sorting toy, a green square and dropped it in. I was so thrilled!

I tried to ask him to drop things into a different container, and he motioned for the pig. Then he reached forward as far as he could, and pulled the pig towards himself. So, okay, we will keep using the pig to put things in. 

I thought I would take it a step further, and I got an empty box and put several shapes into it, along with some colored coins. I asked him, "can Andy take out the star"? And I showed him "this is the star", and placed it in the container. He reached in and tried to grab the star, but dropped it. I asked him again, and he reached in and pulled it out. I then identified the circle to him, and put it in the container with the other shapes. I asked him "can Andy take out the circle", and he reached in and took it out. I was truly amazed. I did it again with a few other shapes and he took the one I asked him to out first, and then emptied out the whole box. It didn't seem like coincidence, it seemed like he was doing what I asked him to do. I am over the moon. 

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