Sunday, March 13, 2011

Andy is holding his sippy cup and drinking

Finally, at almost 22 months, Andy can hold his cup on his own. He can also bring the straw up to his mouth and takes a drink. I was so proud of him, and still am. I was worried it was just going to be a fluke, and I would wake up to find him, so helpless again. But he us doing it everytime I hand him the cup. Thank God!

This accomplishment is giving me the steam to tackle crawling. I am keeping him in four point more frequently. We are on the roll more. He doesn't respond well to a blanket or towel around his waist or under his arms. He puts his head right down and goes flat. But, I sense an upswing occurring, and I think he will get it soon. He seems more tolerant of this position lately.

I continue to pray. Working with him is so exhausting. He is nearly 30 pounds and almost three feet tall. I get so winded and tired. He is strong and resistant, which tires me quickly. Plus, my daughter is off to the side begging me to play with her. And the house is a disaster.

I am way overdue for a trip to the salon, but at least I let myself go to lunch with a friend yesterday. Ahhh, time without the kids is so refreshing!!!

Update: May 2011
Andy didn't continue to maintain this skill. He looks to me to get his cup for him, and then he drinks from the straw. I work hard everyday to get him to pick up the cup again. We use a two handled cup with a straw.

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  1. Andy still is unable to hold his cup. Regressions are common with any gain he has.