Friday, March 4, 2011

Appointment overload

I am already starting to think about this summer and fall, and making it to all the appointments we usually have in a given week. Summer will be harder, because my daughter won't be in school and will have to come along to everything. She is only three, and can only sit still for so long. She gets bored with coloring books and crayons after about fifteen minutes.

So, for this fall, I may have to look into having my daughter be in preschool for more days, and for longer periods of time. This will allow me and Andy to get more appointments fulfilled while she is at school. We are already double stacking appointments and I'm not sure that triple stacking will work when Andy starts speech. Usually after the PT, then OT he is worn out and ready for his nap. Plus, siblings aren't allowed in the room for the speech therapy. I don't want to have to sit in the waiting room for these appointments, because I want to get tips from what the speech therapist will be doing.

A large part of the therapies are the take home message that the parents get, so that you can continue the work during the week. The therapy is only one hour a week, sometimes two and it doesn't add up to much over a whole week. So, it is essential that I pick up on what is being taught and try to repeat it at home as much as I can. So, I really don't want to be out in the waiting room.

It can also be really devastating when one of us is sick, because we have lots of appointments to cancel/school to miss. Then I can't help thinking about everything we've had to miss due to being sick.

As my daughter gets older, she should be able to better entertain herself anyway. We seemed to be balanced out pretty well right now with appointments, but it is a lot when you step back and look at all we have scheduled.

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