Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gait trainer

Andy is 21 months, and still not crawling or walking. I was curious to see how Andy would do in a gait trainer, so I asked his PT about it. We both know he is not even pulling to stand yet, and still can't get into positions on his own, so walking is probably far off. However, he is liking standing against the couch to play with toys, and bouncing on rodey horse type toys and things like that. So, she brought it out and he really liked it. He was so smiley and happy, it was really great to see him so happy for so long. The PT and OT were there, and both said they had never seen him so happy. I think he liked standing independent of me, and felt safe and confident in the trainer/kid walk.  He wasn't walking on his own in it, but as she was pushing him, he was taking "reciprocal steps". The PT said she was sold on getting him one for our house, so the wheels are in motion with the insurance company. He has to officially be evaluated by the medical equipment rep, and they can't do this until next week. It should only take 10 minutes though. Equipment rental places near me say that this is not something they rent out, they are for purchase only because they are a special order. So, I still have to check with his school to see if they have any that could be borrowed, but I think they only have one.

He seemed to feel a new found freedom, I could see it on his face. I think he was most happy to be playing with his sister in an upright way. He loves her so much, they are two years apart. The PT mentioned that we could go for walks around the block, and all kinds of new opportunities will arise. She said we may start to see him come out of his shell more too, with the new movement.

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  1. Andy no longer takes steps in his gait trainer. We never saw him stepping again since the first time in it. I don't know what happened, but he just hangs in there now.