Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gabby's feelings came out about Andy

I was giving both kids a bath last night, and asked Gabby to be careful as she was dripping water into Andy's eyes. She immediately blew up, accusing that I only care about Andy. She said, "You only love him and hate me, and I wish he was never born. Then I could have more time with you, and have you to myself." She was in a huge rage, and has been having daytime and nighttime pee accidents lately. I think for attention, but maybe also stress and anxiety.

It seems like a big mess. I put both kids to bed early, and they ended up having a snow day today. I took the kids to my moms for lunch for a change of scenery. Gabby wanted to stay there, while I brought Andy home to nap.

I brought my concerns to my husband's attention last night. He heard the whole speech Gabby yelled out at me. I stressed that we have to plan activities this summer to do with Gabby. Such as camping and amusement parks. These things aren't really ideal for Andy, so one of us will have to stay back with him, or a babysitter. Gabby is right, Andy gets most of my attention these days.

We do have a place where we can camp two hours from our home, at our in-laws, but taking Andy there is often a nightmare. It is hard to keep him entertained, and the drive out isn't good for him either. But Gabby loves going there, and doesn't mind the long car ride. We've got to make some changes, things can't keep going this way.

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  1. That's got to be really hard. I hope you come up with some creative ways to get a little Gabby time in. Until then, hang in there and remember you can't be everything to everyone, even when you want to be! So sorry, though. I imagine that conversation must have torn you up! Alana (