Thursday, February 14, 2013

Andy had a good day

Andy was so fun today! He had a great day at his Valentines Day party at school. They said he ate a whole cupcake, and seemed to be on a sugar high. He was so happy when I picked him up. Maybe his rise in medication is finally kicking in? It's been about two weeks since it has been bumped up to 1ml a day. He was very smiley, and squeaky the rest of the day.

It might also be because he isn't in a lot of pain from his ear infection. Not sure on this one though. I took him in to see the doctor today, and she is going to raise his dose of antibiotics for ten more days. His ear infection is still there, and is mild to moderate. So, he does still have it, but maybe today it wasn't bothering him too much.

It was nice to not feel the tension I get from listening to Andy cry in a constantly irritated state. He was so happy and carefree, it was truly a blessing. I'd like to think our prayers for him had a something to do with it.

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