Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ear infections again

It turns out Andy's nonstop crying was an ear infection. I took him in right away the next morning, after he had such a bad day. He was seen on a Saturday by my doctor, so his pediatrician still needs to be notified of his ear infection. Largely due to the fact that he had to get antibiotic shots last time to take the infection away, when oral antibiotics weren't working. He hasn't eased up much this Saturday and Sunday in terms of the crying. But having my husband home with me made it much better. I will let his regular doctor know about his ears, and I think she will need to see him and administer the shots.

I would like to take him to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. He usually gets about four infections a year, which I know doesn't really qualify for ear tubes. But with Andy, he has NO way of telling me what kind of pain he is in. So, I figured it was constipation, and no idea it was his ears. The nurse asked me if his ears and throat had been checked when I told her of the constant crying and I thought how could I forget that? I've been very sick myself, so I guess that's how.

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