Thursday, January 31, 2013

Trying to connect with Andy

I've been trying to see lately what Andy is able to reciprocate back to me communication wise. His speech therapist at school has noticed that he is indicating clear choices by touching things with his hand. I am seeing the same.

While eating lunch today, I had his water cup with straw, and two food items in front of him. Sometimes, when he was ready for the next bite, he would touch reach the food item he wanted. Or touch the fork sitting on the plate. Andy is unable to coordinate a utensil to his mouth yet, or to pick up a food and put it in his mouth with his fingers. Other times, I would ask him "which one do you want, this one or that one?" and he would then touch the plate he wanted. So, I'm happy that there is a sort of gesturing communication going on.

When I brush Andy's teeth, I ask him to say "ahhh" and open his mouth. I open my mouth while saying "ahh", and he thinks this is funny. Then, he will let out an "ahh", and I feel so happy! He seems to be imitating me, and understanding me!

After waking, he was babbling for about ten minutes, then started babbling mama. So, I raced up the stairs calling out, "You're calling mama, I'm coming, I'm coming, I heard you calling me!" I also told him, "I'm so happy you're talking to me!" I hope he likes how proud we are, and wants to show us more.

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