Saturday, January 26, 2013

We are in the new house

Andy is adjusting well to the new house. He is napping fine, and sleeping through the night. The bus hasn't started to pick him up yet, so I don't know how that will go yet. It has been chaotic trying to unpack, and we still have more boxes to move from the old house.


  1. will this be your first experiences with the school bus? it was never a possibility while our daughter attended her first school, but we did give it a go this year at her current school. it got off to a rough start b/c they told us she'd be on the bus more than 2 hours in the afternoon. turns out our school district "shared" a bus between two of the elementary schools and the middle school and high school located between them. it was horrifying. after crying to the poor woman in the bus office, the principal and guidance counselor, i found out there was another bus that would be able to get her home in less than half an hour. the only thing they didn't mention was that some of the students on the bus weren't special needs students, instead they were kids who had been removed (for whatever reason) from their regular school and into a school commonly known for troubled kids. i like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. but, i think the district broke some serious safety rules to put her on that bus. there was no aide, far as i could tell. just the bus driver and a few kids. we stopped letting her ride the bus when she mentioned something about not liking it when the other kids touched her hair. now i just pick her up everyday.

  2. Andy hasn't ridden the bus before. I hope it's a short ride for him.