Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Words and sounds stopped for months now returning

Andy hasn't been making sounds or attempting to say any words for months. He has had a very frustrating last few months. He had ear infections that wouldn't go away, followed by constipation. Then he had a very inconsolable Christmas eve and bad Christmas vacation. It made me increase his Risperdal dose to .50ml, then to .55ml, which seems to be making him happy again. However, I've noticed a slight night waking going on, once a night. He goes back to sleep after 20 minutes or so, but babbles for a bit first. We will meet soon with the neurologist to see what other meds we could possibly try with Andy. If he continues to require more and more of this medication, I am concerned about his sleep being slightly affected.

I recently started Andy back on Gummy Omega-3 vitamins, and he's been feeling better. He isn't ill, and he is taking a higher dose of Risperdal, which is putting him in a better mood. Today, he seemed to be using "wa-wa" to ask me for water. I hope, so badly, that this continues. He has also been continuing to wave to people at school, and family members. Seeing any kind of communication from him is a real joy. He seems to understand when I talk to him sometimes, but I just don't know for sure.

Andy has recently grown two inches. He is also getting noticeably bigger. It makes me wonder if maybe his brain has matured a little as well. This could be the reason he is trying to communicate with us now, paired with school, and feeling better.  I know that he typically moves forward, then slides backwards, so just waiting to see what happens next.

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  1. Hi Amy - I was researching internet for supplements for developmental delays and came across your site. What an amazing mom you are! My most sincere prayers are with you.