Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hoping to Stay Healthy

Andy loves going to school. He has a lot of fun there, and is always happy and smiling when I pick him up. I hope that he can stay healthy enough to go for a full week every now and then. When I see him running a fever, I keep him home. Unfortunately, he has had quite a few colds lately.

Andy is in a class of ten children, including him. All of the kids are mobile, except for Andy. As of a few weeks ago, an additional assistant was hired to help Andy in the classroom. It's really nice to know someone is right there to make sure Andy isn't going to get stepped on by another kid. Also, to help keep kids from taking every toy away from him, or to help him to stand, and move him from station to station. It really puts me at ease to know he has someone looking out for him the whole time he's there.


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