Thursday, May 31, 2012

Andy attempting to communicate verbally

Andy gave me so much eye contact today. It's been getting better and better each day. He seems to really be letting me in, or wanting to connect with me more. I am just so ready to hear him, and I accept him whole-heartedly for who he is right now. I am being extremely patient, and I feel very open right now. Open and at peace with whatever is going to happen next with Andy's development.

Today, I told Andy while feeding him, "say ahhh", and he opened his mouth and in a cute baby voice said "ahhh". I loved it! It was so awesome,  just so great to hear him respond to me verbally. It had me so happy all day long. He also tried to say "ready", he made the "eee" sound for eat several times, he's saying "up" today, "mmm" sound for more, and sounded like he sang "up above world" for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Over the last few days, I've been making some changes with myself, spiritually and mentally. I'm trying to find out more about energy and healing. I've been praying so much, and reading up on spiritual intuition, and intuitive parenting with Dr. Deb Snyder. She has some very helpful information, which I've already been putting into use to open up my heart and mind to Andy. I just really feel at peace, and feel a more open connection with Andy, by doing small things.

I hope that Andy is able to sense my full acceptance of him, and my deep love for him. I'm trying to show him love, more than anything, and not demonstrate any disappointment to him. Because I honestly feel that things are what they are, and I can't spend my days longing for more. And I can't let him feel that he isn't good enough for us. I just want him to feel so much love and acceptance, and I think he does. I really think he does.

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