Friday, May 25, 2012

Risperdal may be working

We have finally landed on a dose of Risperdal, and a good time frame for it. I give Andy 0.2 ml soon after he wakes up. We started at .25ml at night, went up to .50ml at night, it was way too much. He started having difficulty sleeping. We switch over to morning dosing. 0.5ml during the day was still way too much, he was just so tired all day, couldn't do therapy. We moved down to 0.25ml, and he was still a bit noticeably sleepy, wanted to give up. The nurse suggested half of the 0.25, but instead I just came down one notch to 0.2ml. It seems to be working well. He doesn't seem too tired, no sleep disturbances, and is sometimes happy and in a good mood. We hardly ever saw him happy and in a good mood for so long, too long. Around 6 months, pre-medication. Just constant inconsolable crying, and so unhappy all the time. My daughter even mentioned today "wow mom, Andy is so happy and in a good mood". Yes, he is.

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