Monday, June 4, 2012

Excited words

I was feeding Andy today, and he got really excited and tried so hard and said "mama, ungee". I took it as  "mama hungry", so I said "yes, mama hungie! Very good Andy!" I feel that saying words the way Andy can say them is okay. Him being able to pronounce the "r" sound right now is crazy, and who cares anyway? My little one is finally trying to verbally communicate with me! It's so awesome, and Gabby is so excited too. 

My husband also noted that it seems he is moving his tongue around in his mouth more. I looked and noticed it too. He's really lifting it up and shifting it around. Probably good exercises to help allow him to talk. I tried to encourage him to stick out his tongue, which he found to be funny, but wouldn't imitate. 

I also heard him on the monitor after his nap, babbling in the tune of the alphabet song. So, I ran into his room and sang the ABC song to him. He had a huge smile on his face. 

I think Andy is excited as well, to see us get so excited about his speaking. He also seems to be happy to see that we can understand him. I'm hoping that this keeps building his motivation to speak, or attempt to make sounds.


  1. I love reading your encouraging and exiting post.

  2. I am very excited for you and your family. Lauren is nearing 3 and has yet to say any words (or want to say any words). I hope one day I'll be able to write a similar post.

  3. I remember when my son with complete ACC said "ungee mama ungee". I was just floored and amazed and couldn't move.He still doesn't pronounce the H but will pronounce the R every now and then.