Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tough time with Inconsolable crying

Andrew has been on Risperidal for about 10 days now. I don't know if much has changed. He is still sleeping soundly at night, thank God. However, his crying fits have kicked up a notch again in the last few days. He seems to get bored and start crying out of control. Today they started with me setting him down just to use the bathroom. I put toys all around him and walked away. I asked my daughter to play with him, but she wanted nothing to do with him because he was crying. I could hear him crashing all around the room and screaming. I thought next time he's going in his crib, and that's it. He just doesn't last even one minute with me not around.

At school, he'll do okay with others around. I think he just doesn't want to be alone. But there are times when I can leave him playing in a room with toys he's interested in, and I can sneak into the kitchen to make dinner. There are other times when he screams the whole time I've left him alone to make dinner. We try music, and DVDs, and toys, it's all hit or miss. The medication he is taking is before bed, and I am wondering now if he needs to also be on a different medication for during the day.

I am totally losing it here, and honestly don't know what to do with him right now to keep him happy. I have to be able to clean the house and make meals, I can't constantly be right at his side. Yesterday, on our way home from the doctor he screamed the entire 10 minute ride home. It was so awful. When we get inside, I put him straight in his crib when he is like this. He continues to have a fit for 10-20 minutes in his crib, then either falls asleep or starts to calm down. When I bring him out, if he starts up again, I put him back in his crib.

It's just been terrible, and I feel that this whole parenting experience with him has just been pure torture. It affects me and my husband so negatively, its a miracle that we are holding it together. I got out on Saturday for a few hours, but my husband told me that Andy cried nearly the whole time. It just really makes me angry and upset that this has to be my parenting experience. I am very grateful for my typical daughter, however, Andy exhausts all my energy so there is nothing left for my daughter.

I feel that this fall will bring a whole new chapter for our family with Andy starting preschool for several hours a day. I can hardly wait for it to start.

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