Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gross motor progression?

Is it finally time for gross motor progression? I haven't seen anything with speech for a week or more, so I started doubting the wonders of DHA/fish oil. By the way, his third neurologist told me, after I asked "what dosage of DHA do you recommend?", he replied, "I don't use that".

Moving forward, today Andy is responding to me telling him, "hands on" to get him to hold on to something in order to steady himself. His new private PT has been telling him these words "hands on" before he attempts to stand up. He was sitting on my lap today in front of the bath tub, I told him "Andy hands on" and he grabbed the bath tub. I put my hands on his hips and said "stand up", and he stood up without my assistance. I then grabbed a step stool that was a little higher for him to sit on, and we did it again. He put his hands up and held on, but needed a small boost to stand up. When we did it again, he was clearly tired, and needed the same boost, but was pulling himself up.

It would be so great to finally see some progression in the gross motor area. I would love for him to be able to talk, because I think it is the ultimate in the area of cognition. However, gross motor is really needed for him to be more functional at home and school right now.

I used to think that gross motor progression was vital to Andy learning how to speak, but I don't think it is. I've seen a few children now, who are able to speak, but cannot move around. So, it seems that certain children have the speech area of their brain turned on, and others don't. I am hoping that Andy's gross motor is starting to make better connections. Maybe this is why speech progression has stopped, because his brain is about to make some gross motor progression. I was bummed to see his new sounds stopping, but maybe it is because some new movements are occurring.

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