Sunday, April 3, 2011

Making Andy play on hands and knees more

We are recovering from illness, but I have still managed to give Andy lots of therapeutic time this last week. Our PT visit was quite a flop this week with Andy's horrendous irritability, but we are using her advice on couch cushions. I put a cushion against the wall, so Andy has to play with his toys in four point, instead of just sitting on the ground. He doesn't want to roll off of the couch cushion as fast as he would my rolled up pilates mat (who has time for pilates, yoga, exercise...)so great! He was pissed on the first try, but I figured he will have to get used to it. After just a few days he is doing well with it. He prefers being on his elbows. Can't wait to see him pushing up more on his hands. He did it a little today.

This is all so slow and painful to watch. I am still using my "laughter is the best medicine" cure for sadness and frustration via Netflix. It helps keep the tears at bay. I would highly recommend it to everyone. It beats crying all night long about things you can't change anyway!!!

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  1. Hang in there! I thought Ryan would never push up on his arms but he did at about 28 months and finally 4 pt crawled at about 30 months. We would practice 4 pt poition over a roll while he watched DVD's, that way he wouldnt be so enticed to take his hands of the floor to play.