Saturday, April 9, 2011

Come on Andy! On the tip of his tongue

Andy will be two in May, and I am praying for him every night. Right now, I feel like I'm holding my breath. What are you trying to say Andy? He is trying so hard to talk. I asked him the other day, "do you want more" and did the sign for more, "or are you all done, tell mama" and he slowly let out an "alllllllll dahhhhhh". I showed him my excitement and reinforced the talking, of course. Then today, I asked him, "do you want more, or do you want a drink" and he said "moh wa-wa". Also, a minute after Andy's uncle left and we were all telling him good-bye, I took Andy into his room and he said "byyyyye" real long and drawn out.

Oh, I can't wait to hear him start talking. It is so exciting!!! He also seems to understand more and more of what I am saying to him, which is so great. It is such a great feeling to see him carry out an action that I ask him to do, like can you put this in?

I am trying to look at Andy in a new light, and imagine that he can understand everything I am saying to him. To really believe that he is in there, and just can't express himself fully. I've been reading some of the inspirational stories on and on blogs, and they have been helping me to believe in him. I also don't feel I should lower my expectations, because he needs me to keep pushing him.

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