Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Switching gears

Andy is 23 months old, and still cannot crawl. In January, I was telling his physiatrist that even if I had a physical therapist living with me, I don't feel it would make any difference. He just isn't getting how to crawl. We have to just wait for his brain to be ready.

Lately, I have forgotten to focus on other cognitive skills for Andy to learn, such as counting and alphabet. I am so consumed by the physical stuff, that I need to take a break and reassess what is being missed. I would really like to start focusing more on his language, with flash cards and felt boards. His physical skills will come with time, I need to switch gears and work on cognitive, cognitive, cognitive. It's very important to me to get him more on track. I really feel he is ready to learn, and can take in new information right now.

He is two years old, and isn't a baby any more. I am ready to raise my expectations for him, and push him even harder. I think it will pay off by the fall, when he will be joining the two-year old intervention program.  I am continuing to stay at home with him, so I am ready to get all kinds of therapeutic activities going that he and his sister can do together.

I was also reading in the early intervention stuff, that it is important for Andy to be involved with typical children as well. So, we will be on the look out for things that we can do with the community as well.

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