Monday, October 26, 2015

Frankenmuth was tough with a wheelchair

We went to Frankenmuth,MI on a Saturday, which was probably the busiest day of the week. The crowds were unbelievable. Frankenmuth is a little tourist town with an all year long Christmas store and little cheese shops, fudge shops, toy shops, and shops to find unique things. Many shops had only stairs to enter. I mostly went into the ones that were wheelchair accessible. The Kite Craft Frankenmuth Toy Company was very helpful to us. They held the door open as we came and went, and had many unique and appropriate toys for Andy. He loved these Sesame Street bean bag toys that I had never seen before. I kept picking them up and chewing on them, so I had to buy them. He enjoyed them so much. The tag says 2015 Sesame, so they must be a new item. I would like to get more.

I will be returning for some more Christmas shopping, but next time it will be during the week when it is less busy. I'd also like to go back with just my daughter to see the lights at night. I loved the fresh fudge and toffee it was such a nice treat. Andy was also excited to watch the people walking by.

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