Saturday, October 31, 2015

Miraflex glasses

Andy is wearing his new glasses all the time now. His misshapen eyes (astigmatism) are causing him to see things as being stretched out. The doctor says the glasses will help him to see less blurry and not see images in a distorted way. We got glasses that will not break easily, because Andy likes to take glasses and bend them. Any object he can get his hands on, he tries to squeeze and twist it, not really meaning to break it. He probably doesn't understand what he is doing really.

These glasses are called Miraflex and  they are a flexible plastic type of material. He does not try to remove them. There is a strap that goes around the back of his head to keep them on. He seems to be able to put toys into containers better now, and is taking steps slightly better too.

They will also help him to see far away.

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