Sunday, October 18, 2015

Trying to enjoy warm days before winter weather

Anytime it is warm we jump on the chance to do something outside. Andy loves riding in the Barbie Jeep with his sister. He also likes the bin full of corn at the apple orchard/cider mill. 

Some days the weather can be at 70 degrees F, and the next day can be a chilly 39 degrees F. Now that it is mid-October it will soon remain cold. Yesterday, we had big snowflakes coming down for ten minutes on October 17. 

We also got to Cedar Point Amusement park in Ohio too. Andy loves it there. I bring his noise canceling headphones for when we are near the loud roller coasters. He loves the camp snoopy area  for the peanuts 500 cars. The lines were super short because the Ohio kids were back in school when we went. We got a passport hat would allow us to get scheduled times to come back to the rides, but we didn't have to use it. You can get it at guest relations. 

It's nice to see Andy having so much fun despite his disabilities.

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