Saturday, March 1, 2014

What I've learned about Anti-psychotics for irritability, aggression or inconsolable crying

Oh my, we've tried quite a few anti-psychotics and other drugs for irritability for Andy. I was at the end
of my rope and begging neurologists and doctors to please prescribe something. I couldn't take Andy's crying any more.

Looking back on it, I wish I could have seen Andy's first signs of constipation, that was most likely due to his low muscle tone, or hypotonia. He was having daily bowel movements, so I wasn't under the impression that he was constipated. The problem was that the stools were small, so even though they were daily, he was probably having a cumulative constipation problem. His crying could have been due largely in part to this.

Before the prescription drugs even started, there was possibly an initial constipation issue. Pour on top of this anti-psychotics such as Risperdal (Risperidone), Abilify (Aripiprazole), Trileptal (oxcarbazepine), and we got disaster after several weeks on these drugs. The drugs seemed to have an initial sedative effect on Andy. He seemed more calm and sleepy. Then his constipation worsened, every time. Despite giving stool softeners, and dietary fiber, his constipation worsened as the dosages became higher. The constipation lead to MORE aggression and inconsolable crying. Not to mention all the constant grunting, which I thought at first was just his normal noises.

I also noticed that each drug was only effective at putting him in a sedated state for a maximum of six months. His body would continually get used to the dose, and I would have to slowly raise him to the maximum dose, and then he would get used to the drug, and it would be ineffective. The constipation was truly horrible. I still have to monitor his stools, to try and help him when I see he is constipated. His crying is directly related, on top of his frustration that he cannot communicate with us.

My advice to anyone that is considering using these drugs ESPECIALLY on a non-verbal child who cannot tell you that his belly hurts, and he cannot poop is: Do Not even bother!!! Just try other methods of soothing your child's crying. These drugs were a serious let down, and I regret that we ever tried them with him. They did not help anything, they only made things worse.

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