Monday, March 17, 2014

Cleveland Clinic bound to see Dr. Parikh

We were told by our Physical Medicine and rehab doctor, "It's time for the big guns. You've seen a lot of specialists, now it's time to see someone that is smarter than all of us". She wants me to take Andy to the Cleveland clinic, to see Dr. Parikh. He is a neurometabolic geneticist. He specializes in mitochondrial  disease, and has been very successful in diagnosing other genetic syndromes in undiagnosed children. We will be going in June, unless there is a sooner cancellation. It is about a three hour drive for us, which isn't too bad. It's worth a shot. I would like to know if Andy's syndrome can be passed on to future children. It is important for me to know. 

Also, we received a call today from Andy's current geneticist's office telling us he is now retired. When we saw him in January he reassured us he would search for anything he could do to help us. Looks like he decided to get out of town instead...

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